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Handy Home Products for Quick-Fix Repairs

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  • 11, May 2020
Handy Home Products for Quick-Fix Repairs

Are you planning to create a toolbox for DIY repairs at home? Then, there are many tools and products to have in this kit because they are required to keep on hand for quick fixes whenever necessary. These include items frequently used by carpenters, painters, plumbers, and other professionals offering handyman services in Australia. Having a toolbox with these items is essential for people who are tenants, have small children, keep pets at home, and anyone who feels the need to have one.

Here is your complete guide by experts with handy home products for quick-fix repairs.


Screwdrivers are staples of every professional offering handyman services in Australia for installations, maintenance, repairs, etc. Therefore, they should be a part of your toolbox, as they come in handy to repair leaks, loose doorknobs or door handles, appliances, furniture, gadgets, toys, wall-hangings, and a variety of things at home.

Screwdrivers come in different sizes and head types which can be used for opening various types of screws. However, the most useful ones that should be in your kit are flat/slotted head and cross-head drivers.

Epoxy Glue 

Search the market to find super glue that is effective for repairing a variety of items with different types of materials. Most experienced professions rendering handyman services in Australia use epoxy glue to put together broken handles, equipment, household items, appliances, and much more. You can use this wonderful product for mending broken things made of glass, plastic, wood, tiles, ceramics, metals etc. While buying epoxy glue, make sure to invest in one by a reputed brand and read the label to know what materials it can bind successfully.

Two-part fillers

As a tenant or a homeowner, you would know that chipping or holes in wooden furniture, drywall, floors, ceramics, and walls are common in households. Hence, keeping a versatile product to fill the chips or gaps is crucial. Invest in two-part fillers like all-purpose putty, wood filler etc. that can patch metals, wood, concrete, and other types of materials quickly and make painting/polishing over it easy. It can be used for covering scratches and holes left behind by nails, anchor screws, frames, or any other type of instalment.

Touch-Up Paints

Stocking on touch-up paints for appliances, gadgets, walls, furniture, ceramics, and other items or parts of the household is crucial to make quick repairs. These are suitable for applying over chipped paint, scratches, or areas after a fill. Even professionals offering handyman services in Australia use touch-up paints regularly for fixing and repair jobs. According to the requirement, you may purchase touch paints in different colours, but the most commonly used are white and black.

A Variety of Screws

Screws on the side of a door handle are missing and making the handle wobble? Fix the problem with replacing the screw, which can be managed easily if you have a variety of screws at your disposal. Therefore, stocking on various types of screws is essential for your tools box. You can purchase screws of different sizes, thread count, and heads. Typically, screws with flat-heads or cross-heads are used the most. However, you should invest in screws with hexagon shape as well.

Fender Washers

If you don’t know what fender washer are then learn about them because they are versatile products that can be used for repairing and fixing a host of problems. Fender washers are extensively used by plumbers, electricians, and other professionals giving handyman services in Australia. They are used for better placement of screws, light board switches, frames, and different types of mounts or hangings. Also, they are extensively used for repairing taps/faucets, drains, and other instalments at homes that may leak. You can purchase washers in different sizes and materials as per requirement.

Silicone and Lithium Lubricants 

Irritated with the constant squeak and jamming of doors, drawers, windows tracks, locks, and other instalments in your home? Then using a silicone or lithium lubricant would a quick fix you wish you knew about earlier. For indoor repairs use the silicone lubricant, and for outdoors repairs use the lithium lubricant as it is long-lasting and weatherproof. These lubricants will help prevent rollers, screws, and other connective parts in common installations at home to wear and stop working.

Wrapping Up

Having a tool kit on hand with these for quick fixes is essential to make small repairs at your residential property. Keeping these products and tools handy will help people maintain their homes by immediately tending to common household wear & tear problems like chipped paint, leaks, holes in walls, broken things, etc. Thus, for those who are creating a tool kit, referring the list of products mentioned above will help know what fast repair items should be kept handy.