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Our Residential Repair Services in Australia

We are one of the most preferred Handyman Service Providers in Australia.

Property Repair & Maintenance Solutions

For every householder, getting major to minor repairing jobs done precisely is quite difficult these days. Whether it’s a leaking tap or a broken door, you need someone who can fix it in no time. We, at Better Handyman, take all the hassles and save your precious hours by repairing and maintaining your property.

Our handyman specialists are your one-stop-shop for all your home repair and maintenance needs. We can repair everything from doors to windows, taps to switchboards, gutters to floors and a lot more.


Window Repairs


Water Leak Repairs


Gas Leak Repairs


Small Concreting

Do you have a repair around your home that needs fixing?

Our local handyman in Australia takes care of your property and offers you the high-quality repair services.

What We Do

No job is too large and too small for our highly-trained handyman professionals.

Our Repair and Maintenance Specialists

At Better Handyman, we have a team of specialists who have years of experience in repairing minor to major home projects in Australia. Our job is to beautify your living space by repairing the damages.  We can install a ceiling fan, fix a fence, install a smoke alarm, fix water leaks, replace grout in the kitchen, bathtub installations and a lot more while saving you time and energy.

Keeping your house well-maintained is what we do. Our sole aim is to enhance the value of your residential property by taking care of both the small and big projects on your to-do-list. You can call our local Handyman for home repairs and maintenance solutions. Our team specialises in providing:


Prompt Service


Desired Outcomes


Peace of mind


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We Have Been Maintaining Homes for Years

Our company has been serving a range of residential repair and maintenance solutions at competitive rates. We are fully equipped with the latest machines and products to tackle all types of repair projects from water damage to broken structures, etc. We can repair, restore and revamp all fixture and fittings in your home to make it look new again.
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Beautifying Your Home

Better Handyman has carefully selected a team of experts based on their experience, quality of service, reliability and workmanship guarantee. As a team, we have emerged as a company who can repair, revamp and replace almost every fitting and fixture in your living space. We leverage our in-house expertise to fulfil your unique repair and maintenance needs. From plumbing to carpentry, fixing water leakages to repairing broken doors and windows, we aim to ensure that our customers get the best possible results whenever needed. We optimise our existing practices to meet your specific needs at the best price. Above all, we are always here to help you with our exceptional home repair and maintenance solutions because we care for you.

Why Hire Us?

We are here to fulfil all your repairing needs.

We, at Better Handyman, take immense pride in our workmanship and quality of service. We pay special attention to give you the most customised solutions at the best price. Our company has established itself as one of the most trusted providers of property repair and maintenance services in Australia.

  • All minor and major repairs
  • Proper Maintenance Services
  • Refurbishments
  • We work around your given Schedule
  • 100 % Service Guarantee.


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