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The Ultimate Home Maintenance Checklist for Every Season

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  • 01, May 2020
The Ultimate Home Maintenance Checklist for Every Season

For every homeowner maintaining their property should be as important as cleaning it to avoid paying for costly repairs. All homes require regular upkeep as it is common for households to have wear & tear, leaks, chipped/faded paint, clogged gutters, and smelly drains, among problems. These minor repairs can become huge problems if they are not paid attention year-round, and experts offering handyman services in Australia need to be hired to correct the damage.


Most maintenance tasks are seasonal that should be performed whenever the weather starts changing and can be managed by following a checklist. Want to know what tasks these lists should include? Here is an ultimate home maintenance checklist for every season!


Spring is the time for saying goodbye to the gloom of winter, new plants and flowers, staying outside, and enjoying balmy breezes. However, it is a good time for completing maintenance tasks along with spring cleaning. Here is a list of things to do while sprucing your home during this wonderful season.

  • While cleaning the house see if any screws are missing from fixtures, handles, appliances, furniture, and other items in the home
  • Inspect the roof, water sprout, and other outside areas for freeze damage after the winter
  • Check the attic, bathroom, and other areas that can be damp for leaks and mould growth
  • Inspect the air conditioner and check it is working
  • Remove dead leaves, plants, and flowers left in the yard, patio, and other parts of the house
  • Take out the outdoor furniture from storage and wipe the items. If the furniture is out, clean it and tend to damages if any
  • Unclog the gutter
  • Inspect the entire property for paint touch-ups, fills, and other minor fixes
  • Ready the cooking appliances like oven, barbeque, microwave, etc. ready for the festive season


Most people spend summertime basking in the sun, visiting beaches, and enjoying various activities. It is the time for Christmas, the New Year, and Australia Day making the season the time for festivities. Also, it is the time for holidays that provides time for completing a variety of maintenance tasks like the ones listed below.

  • Whether you have a central air conditioning system or a portable wall/window appliance, give the filters and vents a thorough clean-up
  • Vacuum the refrigerator coils
  • Inspect the fans for loose screws, fins, and make repairs if necessary
  • Check if the paint or polish on outdoor and indoor furniture has faded and reapply
  • Summertime is excellent for painting interior and exterior walls as well
  • If there is a pool then drain the water, check the filters are working, and ready the pool for use
  • Check the entire property for pest infestation by termites, ants, bees, wasps, etc.

Autumn (fall)

As summertime subsides and the cool scenic season of autumn arrives, the need for up-keeping the house increases due to accumulation of leaves, dust and other debris. The maintenance tasks that you should complete during fall are mentioned as follows.

  • Rake all the dead leaves accumulated in the backyard
  • Brush the patio to collect leaves, dust, and other debris
  • Check the outdoor furniture that may have faded paint and wear/tear with use during spring and summer
  • Ready the house for winter by checking the heating system and the fireplace. In case there is damage or problems in turning on the equipment, then contact professionals offering handyman services in Australia to get them fixed.
  • Seal cracks or gaps in walls, windows, entryways, and other interior/exterior areas to protect from the coming weather changes
  • Check for insulation of the property walls, faucets, pipes and other areas on the outside that might need protection
  • Store the outdoor furniture or cover it to protect from the winters


Unlike other seasons, the winter can be harsh on properties, and there are heavy maintenance tasks to be paid attention to during the cold season. Some of these tasks include the following.

  • Inspect the air conditioning system to see its functioning before covering it for the winter
  • Ventilate areas were moisture accumulate and don’t see sunlight
  • Check the roof, gutters, and spouts for repairs and leaks
  • See if the bathroom, kitchen or other areas have mould or other fungi growth due to dampness and cold weather
  • Make minor upkeep and repair tasks for heating systems like the fireplace, water heater, etc. If any of these is not working correctly, then hire professionals who render handyman services in Australia.
  • Check the basement or storage areas leaks and repairs.
  • Clean the air vents to avoid smells and circulation of mould spores, dust, and allergens

Wrapping Up

Besides regular cleaning and decluttering maintaining your home by performing minor repairs and fixes to keep it in good shape is necessary. You can start by checking and inspecting areas that may be affected by seasons and perform tasks as per the ultimate maintenance checklist mentioned above. In case the repairs are significant professionals providing reliable handyman services in Australia can be of assistance. However, by paying attention to your home’s maintenance every season, you can avoid major damages and repairing issues.