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5 Safety Tips for Effective Gutter Cleaning

  • 12, May 2020
5 Safety Tips for Effective Gutter Cleaning

One of the major causes behind basement water damages is a clogged gutter. When gutters accumulate dust and debris, roof water can overflow and collect around the foundation of your home. This allows moisture to enter the basement, which causes mould and mildew on the surfaces.

If you want to control water damage, then you need to understand the importance of gutter cleaning. Doing it efficiently and safely should be your topmost priority while achieving prompt results.

The best thing you can do is to hire the most reliable handyman in Australia who can assist you in thorough gutter cleaning. They diagnose the gutter problem and repair it in no time.

If you are looking for some DIY ways that can help you perform effective gutter cleaning safely and securely, then this article is for you. It comprises of 5 safety tips that will make it super easy for you to remove dirt and debris from your gutter.

Let’s Get Started!

Arrange Right Cleaning Tools

Since you are not a professional gutter cleaner, you may need some necessary cleaning supplies or tools. Have a look at the following:

  • Gloves: They can protect your hands from dust, germs, and metal pieces in the troughs.
  • Ladder: Make sure you have a tall step ladder for a stable position. So, use this type of ladder instead of an extension ladder.
  • Scoop/Trowel: It can protect your hands from injury as well as grime while speeding up your cleaning process.
  • Broom: You need this to collect leaves and other debris from your gutter.
  • Garbage Bag: Simplify the clean-up, scooping and disposable tasks with garbage bags.
  • Shoes with rubber soles: Make sure you wear shoes while walking around on the roof to perform gutter cleaning to avoid slipping.

Tip: It is good to arrange all these supplies a day before getting into the gutter cleaning process to save time. You should manage every single tool to avoid physical injury.

Consider Ladder Safety Rules

Nothing can be more challenging than gutter cleaning, especially for those who are doing it for the first time. It is important to follow the ladder safety rules while cleaning gutters.

Do not stand on the top rungs and place a 2 * 4 in the trough to avoid crushing if you lean the ladder against it. Cleaning the roof is one of the trickiest tasks, so make sure you do it in good weather.

It is better to avoid troughs during windy or rainy condition as you could harm yourself. Apart from this, prevent leaving over edges or working near power lines.

Regular Gutter Cleaning

It is good to clean gutters at least twice or thrice a year to avoid the build-up of stubborn grime and debris. It is good to perform gutter cleaning in the autumn and spring season because these are the two times there will be most of the accumulated leaves and dirt.

You can use scoop while cleaning the gutter as it will reduce the risk of injury and make your cleaning job a bit easier.

This reduces the chances of blockage in the winter and makes your work a bit easier. Plus, Spring cleaning prevents water damage issues and keeps your gutter in an unclogged condition.

Make sure you thoroughly clean the gutters by removing all dry leaves and debris from the roof. The leaves and dirt that has accumulated in the gutter blocks it and causes water damage problem. So, regular cleaning of gutters is a must for better outcomes.

Repair and Maintenance

To prevent clogs, cracks and broken troughs, make sure you repair and maintain gutters on a regular basis. Hire professionals in Australia who can offer you the best gutter repairing service at the best price.

By regular gutter maintenance, you can fix small to big issues and prevent damage to your home. Clean and unclogged gutters also keep your home in a pristine condition and also prevent the growth of mould, mildew from basement surfaces.

Seek Professional Help

Keeping gutters clean all year round can be a daunting task. If you are finding this job too risky or big, then consider hiring the best handyman in Australia. They can provide you with safe and secure gutter cleaning service at the best price.

Professionally-trained gutter cleaners follow the safety tips and give you quality outcomes using high-end machines such as leaf-catching machines, etc.

They can help in preventing property damage with their right cleaning expertise and knowledge.


Believe it or not! Your roof and gutters need a thorough cleaning and regular maintenance for proper functioning. You can follow these safety tips while cleaning your gutters or search for the best handyman in Australia who can unclog your gutter without giving you any stress.