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    Are you searching for the right handymen who can fulfil all your home or office maintenance needs? Look no further than Better Handyman. We offer a whole spectrum of services to families and business owners.









    We, at Better Handyman, have been offering one of the best property repair and maintenance services at the best price. From carpentry to fixing small jobs around the home, flooring to kitchen renovation, we can do everything to make your property look new again. Our company also specialises in providing commercial handyman services in Perth, Western Australia. We can help you in de-fitting your old office or retail store so that you can move or upgrade your existing office space without any stress. Apart from this, we can also remove office junk and do other cleaning jobs to bring back the lost shine of your commercial premises.

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    If you are searching for a local handyman in Perth, then contact us today. We are one of the trusted providers of Handyman services for residential and commercial properties. Our team of highly-trained and qualified handyman professionals have years of experience in repairing and maintaining all types and sizes of properties, inside and out. Whether you need to fix the broken table or clean-up your roof area, give us a call and avail our reliable, affordable and quality service. We have the potential to get the assigned job done on time and within the estimated budget. We come fully-equipped with advanced machines, high-quality products and proven strategies to give you quality assurance with peace of mind.

    Fair Prices

    We are best known for providing fair pricing models to our customers.

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    Our handymen have years of experience in maintaining your property.

    100 % Workmanship Guarantee

    We are committed to offering you the best service with a 100 % workmanship guarantee.

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    Building strong relationships with customers is our major goal.
    Let Our High-Pressure Cleaners Remove Tough Stains and Clays from your Roof

    Our Solutions

    We take away all hassles related to your repairing jobs around your home with just a phone call.


    With our trained carpenters, you can repair or build anything from a wooden shelf to chairs and computer tables of your office. Read More

    Carpet and Flooring

    We offer a range of commercial carpet and flooring services, such as carpet installation, linoleum and luxury flooring tiling, etc. Read More

    Clean Ups and Rubbish Removal

    Our handyman cleaners can safely dispose of all your old office waste, including fixtures and fittings, furniture and other debris. Read More

    De-Fits and Moving Sites

    We can assist you with de-fitting your office or store layout. We can also help you in moving your retail store in Australia. Read More

    Furniture and Office Equipment Assembly

    Our specialists can help you in assembling, installing and positioning of new furniture and office equipment with extreme care. Read More

    Redesign and Upgrades

    We are committed to offering redesign or renovation services to business owners in Australia with the sole aim to transform their commercial space. Read More
    Minor to Major Repairs: We can Do Everything!

    Maintaining a house or office is not an easy thing. As a property owner, you need to make repairs if something needs fixing. It can be anything- from a leaking tap to a wall crack. With our expertise and skills, you will get the most reliable handyman service at the best price. We can do from minor to major repairs around your home or office in Perth, Western Australia.

    Our Renovation Jobs Are Exceptional!

    Our in-house renovating team have the potential to transform your home into a heavenly place. If you want a modular kitchen that has extra space, stylish layouts and cupboards and dishwasher, then contact us. We have been renovating kitchens for years using your unique idea and our exceptional creativity. Our team of carpenters, plumbers and electricians will assist you so that we can repair or build for you at the best price. We can also transform your bathroom and laundry room in a matter of a few hours.  Our team has collective experience in beautifying your homes and offices. We can do everything from re-tiling a bathroom or kitchen floor to painting the wall to make your property look beautiful.

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    Hire Our Local Carpenter for All your Wood and Nail Jobs in Perth!
    We have been transforming your office space and home using our carpentry skills.

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