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We can remove built-up mould and stains from driveways and other exterior areas of your home.

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    Leaving Our Outdoor Space Sparkling Clean

    We have a team of handyman cleaners who will take care of your deck, driveway and other concrete areas.

    Our High-Pressure Cleaning in Australia

    High-pressure cleaning is one of the best ways to make the exterior or outdoor area of your home tidy and new again. If you want to remove stubborn stains, mould and other debris from driveway, walls and siding outside your home, then look no further than Better Handyman. We have recruited a team of qualified, trained and experienced cleaners who will come to your place and leave your exterior areas clean and shiny.

    Whether it’s removing any slippery moss from stairs to eliminating built-up mould from the driveway, we can do everything to give you quality assurance with peace of mind.  We pressure clean everything, including:




    Pool Decks





    Our Reliable, Dedicated and Friendly Handyman High-Pressure Cleaners in Australia

    Remove even the unsightly graffiti by hiring our handyman high-pressure cleaning service at the best price.

    What We Do

    We, at Better Handyman, take immense pride in transforming your filthy outdoor area into a neat space.

    We Take Care of your Exterior Area

    At Better Handyman, we pressure clean residential properties, driveways, sidings, patios and other exterior areas to give your home a new and clean look. Our high-pressure cleaning ensures the complete transformation of your home, especially if you haven’t cleaned these areas for a long time. Our experienced and dedicated handymen use the best cleaning methods and products to remove the mould, weeds, algae, moss and other debris that spoil the look and feel of your home.

    Our ingrained high-pressure cleaning systems are popular all around Australia because we leave no stone unturned to surprise you with our quality service.


    Thorough Cleaning


    Eco-friendly Methods


    Quality-Driven Solutions

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    Do you have slippery steps in your lawn that needs a thorough cleaning?

    Let our professionals deeply clean your patio area or your outdoor space using the best high-pressure cleaning methods. Our squad of handyman specialists can clean any patio, lawn or other concrete surfaces with a pressure washer. Our job is to give you quality assurance at the best price within your given timeframe.
    Our Expertise

    Hire our pressure cleaning service and beautify the look and feel of your house.

    Keeping Your Paving Stones Clean

    Have your paving stones start getting filthy, and you need professional assistance? If yes then hire our trained handyman specialists who can assist you in keeping your driveway and paving stones clean. Our company has got expertise in pressure cleaning the concrete as well as wooden surfaces of your outdoor space with perfection. We come fully equipped with all the necessary cleaning supplies and eco-friendly products to give you sparkling results. Our experts can use the best strategies to lift out built-up mould, stains and clays from your paving stones or driveways outside your home. With the commitment to offering the best cleaning solutions, we use high-quality products and machines to give you quality service at the most reasonable price.

    Why Choose Us

    Better Handyman is the ideal company to tackle all your home repair and maintenance chores.

    Our experienced and multi-skilled handymen are on hand to deliver you the best home maintenance solutions using the proven methods. Our qualified squad are professional, polite, police-verified and fully-insured. We take pride in handling all your pressure cleaning needs without extreme care and dedication.  Our company is best known for providing you with the best residential repair and high-pressure cleaning services.

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    Let our cleaning experts leave your driveway stain-free!

    Feel free to contact our customer care representative and get a free, no-obligation quote today.

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