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    Our De-Fits & Moving Services in Australia

    We are here to assist you with all your commercial property repair and maintenance needs.

    Our De-Fits Solutions

    Are you preparing your retail store or shop for the new season or want to change its layout? Whatever the reason is, Better Handyman is here to help you with de-fitting your store so that you can prepare it as per your preference. Our de-fitting services can ideal for those people who are running their store and don’t have enough time to transform it. We can help you by working around the given time so that you will have minimal disruption. We have years of experience in de-fitting retail stores and shops across Australia. If you have any requirement, please give us a call and avail our service at the best price.


    Removal of fittings and fixtures


    Rubbish Removal


    De-commissioning of water or power services


    Partial removal of flooring

    Are you relocating your retail shop or an office?

    Hire our handyman experts for reliable and secure de-fittings of fixtures and fittings, flooring, etc.

    What We Do

    No job is too complicated for our qualified team of handymen.

    We Can Manage your Move

    There is nothing stressful than moving your store or shop in a new place. From de-fitting to packing, installing fixtures and fittings to managing the entire relocation, you can’t do it without any professional assistance. We, at Better Handyman, recruit a team of qualified people who can assist you in throughout the moving phase. Our professionals can help you with the de-fit of your old store, making sure everything is repaired and maintained for your lease handover. Apart from this, we can install all the fixtures and fittings in your new store and also assist you with our exceptional services, including plumbing, carpentry and electrical.


    Stress-free Relocation


    Our Specialised Handyman Services



    Book our Moving Sites service today!

    Our Unparallel Services for Your New Retail Store

    We, at Better Handyman, have a team of qualified carpenters, plumbers, painters, technicians, etc who can assist you in transforming your new retail store like never before. We can install everything that can help you run your store as quickly as possible. You can call our experts and avail our specialised services without a hint of stress.
    Our Professional Assistance

    Call our customer care representative or fill out the enquiry form to avail our high-quality de-fit and moving sites services.

    De-fitting & Installing Fixtures and Fittings

    Our highly-specialised and skilled handyman professionals have years of experience in de-fitting old stores and installing new fixtures and fittings in your new retail shop. With the commitment to meeting the specific needs of our customers, we emphasise on understanding your individual idea and help you know the benefits of hiring professionals. Of course, you have a lot of responsibility for your retail store, but Better Handyman takes care of all your moving needs and assists you throughout the journey- from start to end. If you are moving your retail store to the new locations, then call our handyman experts. We offer our services in Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Canberra, Adelaide, and Newcastle. You can call us and avail our service at the best price.

    Benefits of Choosing Us

    Assisting you with all your de-fitting needs!

    Better Handyman takes pride in offering the best and most reliable de-fitting and moving sites services to retail store owners. We pay special attention to our customer’s specific needs, and thus we are the most trusted company in Australia. We have established ourselves as the ideal partner when it comes to delivering a range of handyman solutions to business owners across Australia.

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    We are not Just Better; We are the Best!

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