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    We, at Better Handyman, emphasise on offering one of the most trusted handyman services to maintain the longevity of your property.


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    Our company stands on its reliability, reputation and quality-driven solutions. We have a team of highly-qualified carpenters, plumbers, technicians and renovators who can fix anything around your home or office. With the commitment to delivering highest-standard of solutions, we take pride in assisting you with all your handyman needs. Our professionals let you run the business efficiently because we can handle your property management jobs with perfection. Whether it is a damaged timber or a leaking gas, we will come to your place as soon as possible and get the job done on time. If you want to avail our affordable and quality service, then give us a call and get a free quote today.

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    We are here to fix anything around your home or office at the best price.

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    Taking care of your residential and commercial buildings in and around Melbourne.

    Better Handyman has been delivering the most exceptional handyman solutions to families and business owners in and around Melbourne, Victoria. We are proudly running our business to help you get all those jobs of jobs that you find it difficult to get done yourself. Our professionals will come to your home or office to fix the broken door or any other fixtures and fittings to make your property look new again. We have a team of qualified carpenters and other specialists who are well-versed with the latest techniques and equipment to give you quality solutions at the best price. We are the most trusted handyman service providers in Melbourne, Victoria.


    Our specialists are aimed to enhance the beauty of your home or office.


    We offer our handyman services at the most competitive rates.

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    Our experienced carpenters and technicians can do everything as per your preference.

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    Our professionals have years of experience in taking care of your property in Melbourne.
    We Can Take Care of all those Odd Jobs that need Fixing or a Complete Transformation!

    What We Offer

    Better Handyman is proud to offer you the most advanced handyman services in and around Melbourne.


    With our trained carpenters, you can repair or build anything from a wooden shelf to chairs and computer tables of your office. Read More

    Carpet and Flooring

    We offer a range of commercial carpet and flooring services, such as carpet installation, linoleum and luxury flooring tiling, etc. Read More

    Clean Ups and Rubbish Removal

    Our handyman cleaners can safely dispose of all your old office waste, including fixtures and fittings, furniture and other debris. Read More

    De-Fits and Moving Sites

    We can assist you with de-fitting your office or store layout. We can also help you in moving your retail store in Australia. Read More

    Furniture and Office Equipment Assembly

    Our specialists can help you in assembling, installing and positioning of new furniture and office equipment with extreme care. Read More

    Redesign and Upgrades

    We are committed to offering redesign or renovation services to business owners in Australia with the sole aim to transform their commercial space. Read More
    Let Us Do the Repairing Work For You!

    Better Handyman is servicing all sizes and types of domestic and commercial properties in Melbourne. Our sole aim is to provide reasonable property maintenance and repair services to families, businesses and individuals. We do it extreme care and precision to make sure you will get the best out of our services.

    Our Top-Rated Handyman Solutions in Melbourne

    We are a trusted name in Australia’s Property Maintenance Industry. Our local handymen provide exceptional service because they know how to get the job done on time. We quickly respond to your calls and come to your place as per your given schedule. Whether it is a door that needs painting or a wall that needs fixing, our professionals will take care of your house or office using the best strategies and safety measures. They are passionate about their work and can go above and beyond your expectations. Our company specialises in maintaining the look and feel of your property, and that’s why we are one of the most recommended handyman service providers in and around Melbourne, Victoria.

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    We are servicing all types of domestic and commercial properties in and around Melbourne, Victoria.

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