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7 Outdoor Upgrades That Add Value To Your Home

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  • 05, April 2021
7 Outdoor Upgrades That Add Value To Your Home

Upgrading your house's outdoor areas is excellent for sprucing the property, making it more modern and increasing its curb appeal. In today's competitive property selling market, it is challenging to stand out and attract buyers if your property doesn't catch the eye instantly.

Therefore, you should start planning upgrades for your home now if you want to sell your house at a good price. Getting the exterior spruced is also practical for people wanting to have better outdoor space for relaxing, doing fun activities with family and enjoy better security.

Whatever your reasons are for making additions to your yard/porch/garden, here is a complete guide outlining seven outdoor upgrades that add value to your home. All these upgrades can be easily made with the help of professionals offering handyman services in Australia, and you should seriously consider getting them. Have a look.

1. Install Outdoor Lights

Counted among inexpensive décor items, outdoor lights are wonderful for sprucing your yard, garden and garage without spending a ton of money. These fixtures add appeal to your house and contribute to the sense of security, as your outdoor space is well-lit after dark.

You can hire professionals offering handyman services in Australia to install the lights securely and ensure they work. While getting landscape lights, the best options are floodlights, spotlights, bollard lights and garden lights.

2. Get a Flagstone Entryway

Although flagstones cost a lot more than pavers, their addition to any property immediately increases its curb appeal. A flagstone walkway leading to the house door can add to your property's value and make it stand out from other properties in the vicinity.

Besides being excellent for visual stimulation, flagstone entryways are durable and remarkably endure any weather. Other reasons that make flagstones excellent addition to your home are:

• They are slip-resistant
• Suitable for high-traffic areas
• Resist moisture and don't delaminate for decades

3. Fence Your Yard/Garden

If your house doesn't have fancy fencing, then consider getting one to make your house look more private and secure. Having a fence around your yard or garden adds to the visual appeal of your property. Plus, it is a practical solution for keeping children and pets from wandering, and it also keeps pests like mice, rats, and others away from your yard/garden.

Note: If your garden has a boundary of small trees or bushes, get fencing around them since they can get damaged by several kinds of pests which can use them as hiding spaces.

4. A Dark Coloured Quality Paint

The Colour and quality of paint on outdoor areas may not seem important to many people, but this subtle change can make a huge difference. Unconsciously, humans want to live in homes that look solid and secure.

When you paint the outdoors of your home with dark or heavy colours strategically, it can make your property look grounded and sturdy. Many builders and landscapers prefer painting outdoor areas with black, emerald green and other dark colours to increase the curb appeal of properties and make them more desirable.

5. Change the Garage Door

It is common to overlook the replacement of the garage door, but it can severely impact your house's curb appeal. Therefore before putting your house for sale, get the door replaced by hiring professionals who offer handyman services in Australia. Installing a new garage door can seem expensive, but it will improve your house's selling price significantly, and you will quickly recover the cost of the replacement.

6. Seed the Lawn

A live, green, and thriving yard is extensively more attractive to buyers than an open and blank space. When your lawn has bushes, grass, and small trees, it looks inviting and suitable for living with a family.

You can spruce your lawn if you are interested in gardening. But, if you don't know how to make your yard green and beautiful, hire a professional landscaper or gardener to manage the task. The best part about seeding your lawn for increasing its curb appeal is that this upgrading method is relatively less costly than other methods.

7. Develop a Deck

A house with a deck is always more attractive to buyers than a house without one. Thus if your house lacks one, start planning to develop a deck before your house goes on the market.

A deck is excellent for outdoor furniture placement and for household members to have space outside the house for relaxing on balmy and sunny days. Get in touch with professionals offering handyman services in Australia to know the estimated cost of installation and the time it will take for task completion.

The Bottom Line

Renovating the exterior of your house is as vital as sprucing the interior. It can increase your house's curb appeal exponentially and give you an edge in today's extremely competitive property selling market. To make the upgrades mentioned above, you can hire professionals offering handyman services in Australia and ensure your house looks desirable.