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12 Handyman Services You Need To Get Done

  • 21, September 2021
12 Handyman Services You Need To Get Done

Maintaining your home and managing repairs is crucial to live without stress and uphold the structural integrity of your property. Often people put off important home improvements and repairs until they become a serious issue.

It happens because homeowners lack time, energy, or the expertise to manage maintenance work, additions or renovations themselves. If you are among them, hire the best handyman services in Australia instead of procrastinating home repairs. Since professionals have the experience, equipment and expertise, they can offer diverse handyman services and customised solutions.

What services should you avail of to have a safe and comfortable home? Listed below are the ones you should consider.

1. Installing Lighting Fixtures

For any room to be aesthetically appealing and well-lit, you need to have the right primary and accent lights. Changing a bulb or a tube light is easy, but when you have to manage extensive lighting installations, you need to avail reliable handyman services in Australia. The professionals ensure to assemble and mount every component of a fixture correctly and safely.

2. Fixing Plumbing Issues

Homes can have dripping faucets, slow drains, clogging bathtubs, and various other minor plumbing problems that are annoying. But, most people ignore these issues until they become major problems that cause mould development, water damage, sewer back-up etc. Therefore, you should routinely inspect your home for plumbing issues and hire a professional handyman to fix them.

3. Drywall Repairs

You need to take the assistance of professionals for drywall repairs to get the right finish. Usually, this work doesn’t require much effort, but precision is key to have smooth and adequately repaired walls. Professionals can fix cracks, holes and peels on walls effectively within a few hours, whereas it can take you days to complete the same task.

4. Wall Painting

You can paint walls in your homes yourself, but it is a time-consuming and tiring task that is better left to professionals. Walls usually require touch-ups and a fresh coat of paint once a year to keep your home looking neat and well-kept. If you have small children and pets at home, you may need to get the walls painted more than once a year.

5. Deck Repair

Homes with decks look appealing and have a higher market value than homes without them. Therefore, you need to pay attention to this area and regularly maintain its structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. Decks get exposed to extreme heat & cold, moisture, sun, and other environmental elements that threaten their condition. Therefore, you should get deck repairs done by professionals as often as required.

6. HVAC Repair & Maintenance

To have good indoor air quality and keep the temperature in your home under control, the HVAC system in your house should function optimally. Neglected systems don’t function at total capacity, distribute dust and germs and create sound pollution. Thus, book a professional handyman service in Australia to have a fully functioning HVAC system all year round.

7. Outdoor Upgrades Or Additions

Most people focus on improving home interiors and seldom pay attention to outdoor areas. But, your house needs to appear well-maintained from the outside too, which is why you should get outdoor upgrades or additions done whenever necessary. Don’t hesitate to hire professionals because, with their skills, experience and equipment, they can easily manage the installation of lights, doors, shutters, mouldings, pergolas, patio, fences, and much more.

8. Carpentry

Want to get some woodwork done or a wooden fixture repaired in your home? You can hire the best handyman professionals in Australia to do so. The professionals can easily manage installation or repairs of hardwood floors, wardrobes, shelves, cubby homes, wooden stairs, etc. You can take their help for designing, constructing and finishing wood fixtures and surfaces.

9. Furniture Assembly & Installations

Assembling heavy furniture, bolting columns to walls and managing other furniture related work is physically laborious. It is also dangerous if you lack the skills, experience and tools, which is why you should hire professionals. They can quickly assemble and install beds, outdoor furniture, bookshelves, desks, cabinets, wardrobes or other furniture safely and securely.

10. Floor Installation Or Improvements

Over the years, floors take a beating, especially those in high traffic areas like the kitchen, bathroom and living rooms. You may need to get them polished, resealed, cleaned or replaced depending on their condition. What’s more, if the floors in your home are old and you require modern flooring, you should consult a professional handyman and explore your options.

11. Doors & Windows Repairs

Doors and windows are commonly neglected during regular house cleaning and maintenance. Thus, they get scratches, chipped paint, decolouration, broken locks and loose hinges that make them look unkempt and worn. Thus, inspect the doors and windows in your homes, particularly the exterior ones, to know which require repair or replacement, and you can hire professionals to manage it.

12. Smart Appliances Or Systems Installation

You need professional help for installing modern home improvement appliances and systems to make your life comfortable. Professional handyman service providers can set up a smart thermostat, smoke alarm system, video doorbell, virtual assistant, security lock and much more.


Inculcate the habit of inspecting your home every few months to check for repair, maintenance and replacement requirements. See if you require any of the services mentioned above and hire professionals offering the best handyman solutions in Australia to live a stress-free life.