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What Kinds of Projects Does A Handyman Do?

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  • 19, November 2021
What Kinds of Projects Does A Handyman Do?

Every house requires regular maintenance and repairs that include keeping the locks functioning, replacing smoke detector batteries, fixing loose handles/knobs, home renovations etc. Many of these tasks you can do yourself without any hassle or stress.

However, you should take the assistance of a professional handyman in Australia for various household maintenance, repair and refurbishment tasks. Professionals have the training, skills and experience to manage complex & time-consuming projects which can take non-experienced people or amateurs days or weeks to complete.

If your home needs upgrades, sprucing or upkeep, here is a complete guide outlining the kind of projects a handyman does and when you should hire one.

Home Renovations or Refurbishments

Property owners often hire skilled professionals for upgrading their homes to increase their curb appeal and market value. Additionally, professionals understand home improvement projects to make a property comfortable or aesthetically appealing.

House/unit renovations require quality equipment, expertise and experience and taking the assistance of a professional handyman in Australia is a wise and practical solution. You can hire them for light installations, insulation, HVAC repairs, window/doors upgrades, fencing, modernising household areas etc.

Carpentry Work

Whether you need new shelves in a room or cabinets in the kitchen, a professional handyman can take these projects. These professionals are trained and skilled at cutting, installing and shaping a variety of building materials. Traditionally, carpentry meant woodwork, but an expert handyman can work with stones, metals, concrete etc., in modern times. You can hire professionals to create a shed in the backyard, install outdoor furniture, place a kitchen breakfast counter, and much more.


Roofs are among the most important parts of a house because they provide protection and resilience to the property. Various environmental factors affect the structural integrity of roofs, and they need repairs and maintenance. If the damage is extensive, then you need to replace the structure.

A professional handyman in Australia can install or repair roofs made from clay, concrete, steel, tiles, wood, or other material. You can even hire for insulating the roofs or replacing the previous one with a modern, more chic design.

Fix Plumbing Issues

Have a leaky faucet or a clogged drain? You can hire a professional handyman in Australia for fixing minor or major plumbing issues. They can repair or change faucets and spouts leaking water, clean the gutters, fix broken pipes and do much more. If required, you can seek their assistance for installing sinks, bathtubs, toilets, showerheads and other fixtures.

Managing Electrical Installations or Repairs

Changing a bulb is a simple task you can manage yourself; however, it is best to call the professionals when your house needs better lighting or upgrading an electrical system. Professional handyman service providers in Australia are experienced and skilled at installing electrical fixtures and appliances without any hassle.

You can also call them for repair work and annual maintenance any time and ensure your house does not have issues that lead to water damage. A professional handyman in Australia can fix lights, ceiling fans, HVAC units, microwave, oven and other common household items.

Floor Repair or Installation

Floors can crack, get scuffed or become outdated, and you need professional help to repair or replace them. An experienced handyman professional in Australia can help remove and change broken tiles, chipped wooden sections, dented stone floors and manage a variety of floor repair work. What’s more, for installing carpets or new hard floors you can get their assistance any time of the year.

Since handyman service providers are trained and skilled at managing these projects, you can hire them for maintaining or installing tile, vinyl, laminate, wood, marble, granite, concrete and other types of floors.

Change or Rekey Locks

Locks are imperative for the safety and privacy of household members, which is why you need to hire a professional handyman in Australia for changing or rekeying locks. This step is crucial in the following scenarios.

• You move into a new rental property
• Multiple people have the keys to your residence
• You want to upgrade the locking system of your house
• The locks are broken, old or malfunctioning
• You need a new set of keys for every household member

General Repairs

It is common to have missing fixture screws, wobbly handles/knobs, rocky windows and other issues in your house, especially in high traffic areas. These fixtures and accessories are frequently touched by household members, making them susceptible to damage. To repair or replace them, you can hire a professional handyman in Australia to inspect the entire house and do the needful.

The Bottom Line

A professional handyman is a godsend when you need assistance with any of the tasks mentioned above. Since they are qualified, trained and skilled, the professionals can easily manage repair, maintenance and improvement work for residential properties. While you can do simple tasks like tightening a screw or changing a bulb, hire professionals for tasks that require skill and expertise.