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Why Hire A Handyman When Prepping Your Home For Sale?

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  • 30, July 2021
Why Hire A Handyman When Prepping Your Home For Sale?

When you plan to sell your home, renovating and repairing it is crucial, especially if you have lived in the property for years. It can have loose door handles, cracked walls, broken fixtures, and much more that decrease its curb appeal.

By availing of professional handyman services in Australia, you can transform your house or unit to attract buyers and make your property desirable. The professionals can help with home renovations, repair work, house maintenance and much more.

Therefore, hire professionals offering handyman services in Australia for the following reasons before putting your house or unit for sale. Also, read on to know about tasks you can hire them for and choose good handyman service providers.

Professionals Have Expertise, Experience & Equipment

You can manage small house repair work, but you need to take the assistance of professionals for proper renovation or maintenance. Reputed companies offering handyman solutions in Australia have a network of professionals with years of experience, expertise and access to high-performance tools. They can manage handyman tasks such as changing locks, fixing broken windows, installing new fixtures and a lot more without any stress or hassle.

It Saves Time & Money

Most homeowners lack the knowledge to repair or install necessary fixtures and complete significant renovations properly. It can take a lot of time, and the scope of mistakes is always high.

However, when you avail of professional handyman services in Australia, you save time and money since the professionals manage tasks that would take you days in a few hours.

Upgrade Your Home

Often before selling, realtors and agents suggest you upgrade your home to increase its curb appeal and get a better price. These upgrades can be for outdoor areas like the deck and patio or for indoor areas like the living room, bathroom, kitchen etc.

The professionals can also help remodel areas of your house and add improvements to them smoothly. The professionals have training, skills, and knowledge to efficiently manage complex home upgrading tasks. Hence, you can focus on other essential responsibilities to ensure your house or unit sells at a good price.

What Can Handyman Service Providers Do?

Professionals trained and qualified for handyman work can assist with the following things and more when you plan to sell your house or unit.

• Fix or replace broken locks, handles, knobs, holders etc.
• Complete tasks related to carpentry and fencing.
• Wall painting and repairing.
• Furniture assembly.
• Washing siding, bricks and outer walls with a high-pressure water jetting machine.
• Install shelves, lights, and other fixtures.
• Repair or calibrate the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system.
• Install tiles, whirlybirds, insulation, pergolas, decking, arbours, carports etc.

Tips for Choosing the Right Professionals

Since companies promising to provide the best handyman services in Australia saturate the market, finding the right professional is challenging. However, you can manage it smoothly by following these tips.

List your requirements

Before you start the search, list your requirements. Reputed companies always ask about your repair, maintenance or installation needs to offer personalised solutions and services. Plus, it helps them understand the scope of the work.

Ask for references

If a family member, friend or colleague hired handyman service providers, you should ask for references. It is easier to find reliable professionals for handyman services when someone you know has availed them.

Get free quotes

Most reputed handyman service companies in Australia give free quotes to customers. With these quotes, you can estimate costs and book the professionals within your budget.

Don’t get scammed

Only consider companies registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. Also, never book people boasting of offering handyman services at rates too good to be true.

Inquire about guarantees

Ensure the professionals you want to hire provide quality services and guarantee their repair or maintenance work is good for a year or more. During the guarantee period, you can call the service providers for assistance if required.

Read reviews & get client feedback

Before booking handyman service providers, always read the reviews to understand their market reputation, recommendation score and rating. You can also ask for client references to get interactive feedback.

Book early

Like professional cleaners and removalists, you need to book professionals offering handyman services in Australia early, especially during peak property selling seasons like summers.

Always inquire about cancellation & refund policies

Each company has different policies for job cancellation and refunding booking amounts. Therefore, you should always ask about them before hiring professionals.


Anyone buying a new home wants a space that is ready for living immediately upon moving. Therefore, taking professional help for handyman services in Australia is crucial to refurbish your home and increase its market value. Hence, if you plan to sell your house, get professionals for repair, maintenance and upgrade work without any hassle or stress.